About us

ARC Econ

The Firm

ARC Econ was founded in 2019. We are researchers at heart. Aided by the experience of consulting for international corporations, supranational bodies, ministries and industry associations, our mission is to apply the methods and insights from state of the art economic research to consulting. To constantly hone our skills, we actively conduct studies in the field of applied economics with the goal of publishing in international, peer-reviewed journals.

Our Approach

In the age of data, we have powerful analytical tools at our disposal to generate insights and create strategic advantages from datasets large or small: Advanced statistics, econometrics and machine learning. In research and consulting projects, we have successfully applied these methods in varied contexts — ranging from analysing strategic behavior in the music industry over decades, to optimal sourcing decisions in the automotive industry, evaluating the causal effects of industrial policies or deriving a new econometric approach for market definition in the telecom sector based on user generated (“big”) data.

From this vantage point, the possibilities offered by expert data analyis are truly exciting — but more than a decade of experience in high-level academic research and consulting has reinforced a crucial lesson over and over again: Valuable and robust insights can only be gained against the backdrop of testable hypotheses.

We have the capabilities to derive the required structure in many different ways, including micro-economic / game-theoretic modelling, mechanism design and auction theory, or macroeconomic modelling and calibration.

Our approach to projects — in research and consulting — combines a deep understanding of economic models with advanced data-analysis capabilities. This combination allows us to perfectly tailor our approach to efficiently address the issue or problem at hand.

Our Structure

We have set up a lean startup structure with minimal overhead. On a case to case basis, we are able to involve leading external academic specialists from various fields, with whom we have a long track-record of successful cooperation in academic research and consulting. We are also interested in research-oriented cooperations that have the potential to lead to results that are of academic interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.