Allow us to briefly introduce our fields of expertise in research, analysis and consulting.

For a taste of some of our published academic research, see a google scholar profile (external link).

Regulation and Policy

In many areas, governments and supranational bodies are currently considering or taking actions that shake up the competitive environment of entire industries. Past and current examples include environmental policies affecting electricity generation and distribution, EU initiatives targeting competition between online platforms, the effects of regulation on the automotive industry or new forays into industrial policy by European heavyweights. How is your firm affected? What are possible strategic responses? What are the expected impacts of the policies in question, both intended and unintended?

Econometrics, Data and Surveys

Firms whose decision making is driven or aided by data are demonstrably more successful. Using publicly available data-sets, we can analyse, understand and predict dynamics that industries are taking. Pricing and sales information offer windows into customer preferences and choices. Based on decade-long experience in applied econometric research, we can both help you develop data-analysis approaches, as well as professionally review existing models or survey approaches to provide fast and efficient insights into their reliability, potential issues and improvements.

Industry Analysis

We have a deep understanding of key industries, derived from both in-depth research and consulting projects, including: automotive, energy, internet and telecommunications, media, financial services, pharmaceuticals, social networks. Important questions include: What is the structure of value chains, which shifts do we observe, what are their drivers? What are key trends and how do they project into the future? Based on input-output data, using state-of-the-art methodology, we can analyse and derive the contribution of individual firms or sectors to regional (or national) wealth and employment. 

Organization and Procurement

The success of firms and organizations depends as much on the design of internal structures and incentive systems as on external market factors. Whether it is financial advisors or procurement officers in firms, the incentives they are offered systematically affect their behavior — often, unfortunately, in ways that are rather different than intended. We have analysed procurement structures and global sourcing strategies and advised on the design of organisational structures. 

Competition and Strategy

Pace and nature of competition are changing. Technological advances have led to the convergence — or obsolescence —  of markets. The challenge to firms is: to understand this changing competitive landscape and to re-evaluate and adjust your strategy accordingly.  Who are your main competitors today, or in three to five years? What are your strategic options and which responses are they likely to trigger? Applied game theory allows us to map such interactions and their potential consequences, aided by analysis of the relevant data, helping you make informed decisions.

Economics of Intellectual Property

Patents and other intellectual property such as designs and trademarks are key assets for innovative and knowledge-intensive firms. We have developed a deep understanding of patenting strategy, including path-breaking work on the economic role and value of pending patent applications.