First Anniversary

As individuals, we have been providing economic analysis and insights for more than a decade, but now we can look back at the first year of activities of our new endeavor ARC Econ. Some of the subjective highlights:

  • Our clients hail from a wide range of sizes and activities and include: a “Fortune 500” firm, two global leaders in management consulting (#metaconsulting), different industry associations, an international travel service provider and various innovative startups.
  • In our work — both consulting and academic research — we have been able to cooperate with amazing researchers from some of the leading international institutions, including (but not limited to) EUI Florence, Cambridge University, LMU Munich, University of Mannheim, University of Hamburg, University of Rome (Tor Vergata) and others.
  • Our research has proved extremely relevant with substantial impact. Especially our work on automotive megatrends (external link) has been covered by dozens of newspapers and many other media outlets.
  • Finall, joint reseach on the effectiveness of place-based innovation policies (external link) was published in a leading international academic field journal.

This has been an extremely fun first year of operations. And the second year is shaping up to be at least as interesting.